Free File Storage

Welcome to

Welcome to the new! Come2Store is an easy file storage service where anyone can download your files. Below you will see some of our features:

  • Minimal Ad Annoyance
  • Unlimited Upload Space, 30 MB file size limit
  • Multiple File Uploads: Upload 3 files at once instead of just 1
  • Folders
  • Anti hot-linking
  • Protected Files

How do I signup?
Signup here, click on File Manager, and begin uploading your files.

Free File Storage
You have an unlimited amount of space to store ANY file you want on our servers. This includes pictures, mp3's, games, anything. The only exception is that you cannot use Come2Store to distribute illegal files or porn. The only limit you have is a max upload filesize of 30 MB, but total filespace is unlimited.

Anyone can Download
Once you have all your files uploaded, you can let anyone download. It doesn't take a username or password for them to download, just give them the link, and it takes them straight to your download page.

Running a website such as this is a costly and time-consuming process. In order to pay the high server fees for such bandwidth consumption, we rely on advertising and donations. If you like and appreciate your service, we would like to invite you to give a donation to the website. These donations help us buy new servers to of course be able to make the load light on all of them and the downloads faster.